The Principle of Contemplation

Contemplation is the continuous use of your thought process to elevate the concept of ourselves to where we want ourselves to be. Our thoughts begin the process of materialisation. Contemplation is a kind of action in and of itself.

When we contemplate ourselves surrounded by the conditions which we intend to produce – we get what we think about whether we want it or not.

When we rely on excuses we allow our false self to contemplate what we do not want or what we do not have which reinforces that with evidence.

What we contemplate, like many other things is a habit and whether productive or unproductive, as William Wordsworth once said ‘habits rule the unreflecting herd’.

When our habits of contemplation are not supporting our true potential we need to ask ourselves whether there is something going on for us that is causing this habitual way of thinking.  What are the payoffs for this way of thinking? To avoid true happiness? To support our self created stories that we aren’t good enough? Or simply to avoid what we came to this life to do?

What would life be like for us if we chose to change what we contemplated?

The greatest gift that we have been given is the gift of our imagination – our ability to imagine for ourselves what we want and to live in a way that is consistent with everything we contemplate.

Our imagination is our ability to go within to a place where no one else can go. A place where we can create whatever it is that we intend to experience even if reality doesn’t match up with it at this instance.

I wouldn’t contemplate anything else!

Take Care


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