Who Do You Spend The Most Time With?

As an avid fan of the late Jim Rohn’s teachings I am always drawn to his words of wisdom especially when they help me to define how to be more successful in business.  One of his biggest areas of focus is to do with the people you choose to spend time with, in fact one of his more popular quotes is “You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with”.  This begs the question of each of us – who do we invest the majority of our time with in business? How do they influence our thinking? How do they influence what we are doing? How are they influencing who we are being?  And do we want to be the average of all of them?


I heard Bill Farley CEO and entrepreneur say recently that he always does his best to make sure that he is the least knowledgeable person in the room when he attends functions because when he is, he will always be learning something new – great advice from an already highly successful man. 

 Perhaps it’s time to re-evaluate your top 5 business influencers and do your best to spend more time with them and less with others?

 And this philosophy isn’t only for business success.  When we consider personal relationships the same principles apply no matter how clinical this may seem.  I often see people seeking out business mentors and networks that will help them to become better business people without seeking out the same types of relationships in their personal lives.  Clearly there is a more intimate connection involved on a personal level but too often I see people looking for relationships that they can feel comfortable in when it is that element of discomfort that will stretch us to become more of who we are. 

 I recently saw a movie with Reece Witherspoon called “This Means War” where she dates two very different men and reaches a point where she needs to decide which she wants to pursue a relationship with.  Her best friend offers her this advice “Don’t choose the better guy, choose the guy who’s gonna  make you the better girl” –  wise words. 


Too often we look for people who are most like us, on our level, from a similar background and while common interests and passions are critical to form a foundation for a strong connection, to reach our potential we need friends and intimate relationships that stretch us, challenge us and hold us accountable for becoming everything we are capable of becoming.  These relationships may cause us to experience frustration and discomfort at times but it is in these moments we grow, expand and become more than who we are.

So who are you spending most of your time with both from a business and personal perspective?  Are these relationships adding value to who you are as a person? Are they stretching you beyond what feels comfortable, beyond your sense of worth, beyond what you ‘think’ you deserve?

Challenge yourself beyond what you have previously settled for…. 

Talk to you soon


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