Jim Rohn

Who Do You Spend The Most Time With?


As an avid fan of the late Jim Rohn’s teachings I am always drawn to his words of wisdom especially when they help me to define how to be more successful in business.  One of his biggest areas of focus is to do with the people you choose to spend time with, in fact one [...]

7 Life Lessons From Jim Rohn

Those who know me also know how much time I have invested in listening to audio recordings from the late Jim Rohn.  Perhaps my only regret in life to date is that I didn’t take the opportunity to see Jim live before he left this world back in December 2009. For those who aren’t familiar [...]

Time Management Strategies for Entrepreneurs

Of all the feedback I have received in the last 6 months at the Entrepreneurs Master Class, the most commonly asked for topic is ‘time management’.  And whether we run our own business or not this is a topic that resonates with most of us because time is something we never seem to have enough [...]